Science lab

You can visit this webpage and learn more about DINOSAURS

And If you want to learn about THE SPACE, you should visit this webpage

Look this picture taken from the space: This is how is seen our blue planet, it's amazing!! Which part of the planet is it?
Guess it!

This was the experiment the class of elementary fifth graders A made in order to understand the theory of the Big Bang. The materials used were ballons, water and flour.

During the lessons of Science lab, the classes of the 5th course of Primary have participate in a quiz. The quiz of 5th B was about dinosaurs and the quiz of 5th A was about the space. These are the winners of both  classes, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Science lab

Els alumnes de 5é B  avui han fet un nou experiment a la classe de Science lab. Aquest consistia en saber si podíem filtrar l'aigua bruta amb sorra. Aquestes són les fotos que hem fet mentre ells ho provaven

Fa unes setmanes també vam fer una "lava lamp" a les dues classes. Mireu que divertit.

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